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A minute ago past, I member heading over to Khules' house, to get ready to play some ball against them two 2000 crows..haha, but yo I member he had stacks and stacks of Goodlife tapes... need to digitize them.... Have they been digitized?

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Comment by directher on January 23, 2009 at 1:09am
Wussup, Fam.

Yep those tapes were passed down to Khule by the original recorders of the tapes - Fsh & Rid of CVE. Thank heavens they taped those magical Good Life nights.

I believe some disappeared from the CV Shack at one point - Fsh and Rid can speak to that better. But the bulk of them went to Khule eventually.

Then producer extraordinaire Omid, who we are lucky to have as our watchful music supervisor on THIS IS THE LIFE, got with Khule to include a lot of live selections in the documentary.

So short answer is some of them have definitely been digitized for use in THIS IS THE LIFE.


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