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Good Life Runion Show Review by Angel

What a night is all I can say. It took me two days to gather my thoughts! The night started out with my cousin (Rudejade) and me walking down sunset towards the HOB only to hear someone yell out “Freestyle Fellowship mutha fucka!!!” (I was wearing my shirt) so we turn and it’s PEACE (decked out in his Oakland A’s regalia) and Kitts making a left towards the HOB. The night was already off too a good start considering I didn’t think the Galaxy Ranger was going to be there. So we continue walking towards the intersection only to see Busdriver across the street walking towards the HOB. Two lifers in 5 mins? So we get to the HOB and my cousin and I were just posted outside to see who else came in. Next we see Zulu walking down the street so we greet him. He didn’t recognize us but he finally did when we reminded him that we were the guys that were with Phoenix Orion a few months when we had visited him. A few months back, Fat Jack had asked me if we could hook him up with some Urb magazines that he was in so he could show his kids. So Rudy brought them that night and showed them to Zulu because there were some pictures of him too. Zulu flipped out! “You shouldn’t have showed me this, NOW I WANT IT!” he kept saying haha. Rudy also mentioned that we have a copy of the Sonz of Light mixtape and that’s when Zulu looked straight into Rudy’s eyes and “Yo, I need that!” like four times. We’ll hook em up haha.

So we waited longer and noticed more heads rolling up like 2mex, Hines, and Ganjah k (!!! Yeeaa one of my favorites). So we decide to go inside and we noticed Chali walking out as we went in. So when we get in I see Eve and we say hi to each other and then Rudy introduces himself and they shake hands but then he told Eve his name on GoodLifeLove and she just yells out “RUDEJADE!” 2mex was like 5 feet away and turned and was like “WTF?” One of the funniest moments of the night.

The first to go up was OMD and man o man did they set the bar. Xolo and 2mex fucking killed it! When they were done I was like “daaamn that was the first set and I’m already pumped up”. This is where my memory gets hazy and I can’t quite remember the order but I’m pretty sure the next ones up were CVE minus Riddlor but plus Wrec’s sister and she killed it as well! Fish and Wrec also fucked shit up as they blazed through some classics. Next up was the Rifleman himself, Ellay Khule and man o man did he raise the bar. Khule is just on top of his game and everyone in the crowd was just going nuts for him. The highlight from his set for me was Feet Upon the Table “The love of my life is rap, the love of your life is in my lap!” haha classic shit. This was around the time that we noticed more people walking in like DJ Numark, Kiilu, JMD, Black Bird, and Hymnal. (Darkleaf??? Tonight??? Was all I was thinking). So next up was Busdriver and like always he got the crowd going as he went through some of his hits ending his set with the classic, Imaginary Places. So next up was Kitts and Pitts I think but PEACE got out of his A’s uniform and into his pimp uniform, he was stylin’! The highlight of this set was one Ellay Khule came out and they did a little back to back freestyle session and everyone was just tripping out. When the set was over, they started playing Physical Form through the speakers and then PEACE came back out from the back and did the first verse which was a treat for me because that’s my favorite song from PEACE. After PEACE was the almighty Abstract Tribe Unique. They went through some classics like Blastoff into Infinity and the Left Hand Side (my personal favorite from ATU). Tribe Unique provided us with the visual aspect of the performance. I’ll bet all that Zulu was think was “Damn, I need that Sonz of Light!”

So next was the Queens herself, Medusa, who makes as big a statement with her fashion as she does with her rhymes. Medusa held it down and the ladies in the house were rootin’ just a little extra for the Queen. Pigeon was up next after Medusa and he definitely got the place going (the place was already bumpin but he just added fuel to the fire). The highlight of the set was when he brought out Abstract Rude and did Life Goes On. Truly an epic performance. Like I said earlier, we saw Hymnal and Black Bird in the crowd but then we noticed they were on stage and Cut Chemist was getting ready and that when I knew that it was time for Darkleaf. All I was thinking was” Man, I they play Farmer John, I could die a happy man.” So I was fucking going nuts when I heard the intro for Farmer John. This was one of my favorite performances of the night. I seriously couldn’t I was seeing Farmer John performed live “Eastern most in quality, Western most in flavor, Darkleaf’s come to check on you and your strange behavior.” So dope. Hymnal ended the Darkleaf set by doing his hit with Cut Chemist, What’s the Altitude?

So already it’s an epic night but we're not even done yet! Next up was Myka Nyne and the house just went nuts for him. He did his classics like Park Bench People and 7th Seal which everyone was singing along to. Myka has a stage presence like no other and he tore the place a new one. So when Myka was done rocking the mic, the big man himself was ready to do his set. Now I thought the crowd went crazy when Myka Nyne was one but when Chali came out, the place just exploded. Chali rocked the mic and went thought some classics like What’s Golden and Jayou. So when he was done with his set he told everyone that had performed and some that didn’t to come out on stage for the end-of-the-night pass the mic session. The first person he called on the mic was the person I was waiting for all night, Ganjah K! KMC just fucking ripped it as usual. I forgot to mention earlier that we had seen Funky Tend walk in so when I saw Trensetta on stage during the session, I knew we were in for a treat. Everyone got a chance to rap and I was waiting for the mic to fall into Tren’s hands. When it was his turn, he didn’t disappoint. The highlight of the session was when Ellay Khule was freestyling while walking around on stage and incorporating everyone he saw into his rhyme, sooooo dope! Another huge surprise during the session was brought to my attention when my cousin told me St. Mark was on stage and when it was his turn, he fucking killed it also! Ah, I'm still in awe that I was able to see that!

So when the show was over, we walked up to the stage and surprised Fat Jack with the magazines and he was so grateful for them. Fat Jack is one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met and so we helped him with his stuff outside. It was a meet and greet outside and we were able to talk to St Mark, Xololanxinco, JMD, Ganjah-k, PEACE, Myka Nyne, Longevity, Omid, and my cousin even met Mumbles who I had never seen before. All in all, it was a night that I would remember forever….

My top 3 moments:

1. Farmer John
2. haha when Eve yelled out RUDEJADE
3. PEACE and Ellay Khules freestyles

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Comment by Danny Romo (D ROM) on March 18, 2009 at 11:28am
spring break hopefully but for sure im coming down with some friends. itll be cool.
Comment by Rudejade on March 17, 2009 at 11:57am
Well said! What up Danny?! When you coming down to the Southland?
Comment by Danny Romo (D ROM) on March 15, 2009 at 10:17am
and here i am stuck in hyphy world...:(
Comment by directher on March 14, 2009 at 3:52am
no one could have written it better. i'm loving this. making me relive it all over again. it was just toooooo gooood. i don't even have the vocab to describe. i'm glad you do! thx, babe. ~ eve

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