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I remember hearing a clip from "Politically Incorrect" with Bill Maher and the topic was whether or not a turntable was an instrument. It was only an audio clip off of Dj Revolutions In 12's We Trust but I believe T-Boz was one of the defendants in this case. I was kind of disappointed in that noone really made any solid arguments and I would have naturally expressed what I myself know of the skill and innovation that has come with turntablism over the years. Not only in the advancement of the scratch but even more so in the fact that Dj's have perfected the generation of tones and in controlling these tones have written melodies in a fashion that I could never execute myself. Not to mention the implementation of drumming using common kick s and snares to form a drum sequence. I mean, a turntable is the most versatile instrument going. So where do these people seem to miss the obvious truth regarding turntablism and should we as fans as well as contributors be understanding or feel insulted by their pessimistic ignorance?

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Yeah I think we've all given them more than enough time to try to understand what they fear but I feel you. It's just far from fair...


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