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You know the artists. You know the music. Fellowhip, J5, CVE, ATU, S.I.N, HipHopKlan, Dark Leaf, the list goes on...

Shout out that line that makes you go.... WHHHHHEW.... everytime...

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I'ma have to get this discussion started with a WHEW line from my partner in rhyme...

"Every goddess has a better way/
A righteous way/
I'm walking a path/
Refuse to stray/
My feet stay planted/
First on the planet/
Gave birth to this universe/
But that's another verse"
- Jyant | Alpha Omega

My brain keeps going blank, or coming up with Blowed era lines. I'm gonna have to slow down and think about this. I know I need to come up with some Funky Trend ones.
"You'll have no regrets
As long as you use your head
The one thats on yo neck
And not the one thats in between your legs..."

Abby inspiring the youth...
@ RaTm1211: Good one!
@ MarieMaye: Amen 2 that!
Here are some more that i thought of off the type of my head. Theres just so much to choose from!

"Through these streets
All the conscience people
We will take a Stand
And do more than just Hold on

Through these beats
I will conquer evil
With a cypha thats so strong..." -Abstract Rude

"Assalam alaikum people of good will
I offer you the greeting of thought manifested skill..." -Acey

"I've got my ham radio on
I've got my overalls on
I plant all my crops six feet deep..." - Darkleaf

"I didn't mean to step on toes when I reached for the microphone" - Jyant

"Well due to the fact there are so many wack rappers out there
We decided Ummm to say this" -Freestyle Fellowship

"My shop is by the harbor
Im the barber of the tater town
Come on down and let the man get down
The more taters come through the more i played
Have you ever tried to give a baked potato a fade?" - PEACE/Myka Nyne


"Even though I stay higher than Mt Everest
I have enough wind to win over the most athletic" - Ganjah-K

"Hawaii Maui wowee cowabunga
I'll soon break that hunger young hate monger..." - Acey

" Yes we ride, ride, ride, its that West Side slip n slide" - Ab, Acey, Myka, PEACE

"1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and racist Haitian realations" Big Arch
Messed up that lyric by abstract. My bad!

Through these streets
All the conscience people
We will take a Stand
And do more than just Hold on

Through these beats
I will conquer evil
We will stake the land
With a cypha thats so strong..

"I wanna write some stuff that no other MC likes
That way I'm sure no other MC bites" -Abstract Rude
Ellay Khule - Telecommunication, the chorus to that song is Murder!

Someone translate PLEASE!!!

Gotta find my cassette tape to get the write words.1
Dont let them tell lies to yo vision! Think when you decide to make yo decision! - ATU
what a pity we're rockin new york city! - CVE
The most high is beyond a description, you will never begin to find a definition. -Phoenix Orion
pxo isnt a lifer but that is dope
@ angel: all classics!
@ lightsleepers: when u translate, come back and pass along the knowledge. ha.
@ danny: CVE! what a pity! love it!
"Heres todays telecast
Ellay Khule came to blast on a murdering telegram
bustin' rhymes on the telephone
or the microphone
gotta tell 'em all who the hell i am
another televised telethon
shaping rhymes like a pentagon
stuck in a style situation
can you - - comprehend -- tele--communications"

- Rifleman "telecommunication"

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