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Battling? Freestyle in a cypher vs. Jumpoff/Grindtime

Whats your take?

Nothing beats someone beatboxing or someone with a boombox of unknown beats and freestyling in a cypher, if someone steps up...then theres a battle. Someone talks trash about you, you call 'em out in a cypher. All freestyle, off the dome, ON BEAT! with style and fresh cadences!

Now, you got MC's spitting pre written verses shuffled in their heads aimed at the generalizations, race (white, black, asian, middle eastern), also general "wack mc" verses that can be switched around to fit the battle. Majority of the MC's using the same cadences, no original style, off beat, all sounding like the next man.

Wheres the beats? i figure there is no beats cuz it would be to hard for most of these MC to fit the writtens into a beat.

Yes it is entertaining, talented, and hella witty, props, but i bet most of todays battle rappers cannot "Ride the beat" , "Chop on the high hats", " Spit words rythmatically".

just a few thoughts!

i figure if there was any forum to discuss this it would be here!

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