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what up Hip Hop my name is Fred G Berzunza I am glad MY BOY Azulin was kind enough to Tell me about this site< Who am I? just a 35 year old Kid form the streets of Boyle Heights the second town east of LOS ANGELES (the first is Aliso Vilg) see ITS for that story. But I digress, Hip Hop Lifer ever science that first hit I got when my BIG Bro Hugo RIP gave a boom box with a bootleg RUN DMC tape. The rest is history. Currently I Teach ART, FILM & MUSIC to youth in custody of LOS ANGELES Probation DEPT. & in the Class Rooms of the LAUSD. When I'm Not doing that I'm Running our Label POINT BLANK ENT. In the near future I will be turning in my first homework assignment to HIP HOP elders, and would welcome any constructive critique on how we as a Label manifest the art form. I registered to this site yesterday but waited till today to bust my cherry. On day of our one year Anniversary, HAPPY BIRTH DAY POINT BLANK ENT. Thanks again for the invite carnal cant wait to have you HOME.

Fred G. Berzunza

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