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A couple of years ago,( in the late 90's) i hated how mainstream hip hop music sound. I despised it, moving away from everything it represented and started to look elsewhere to celebrate the music and culture I've grown to love. That elsewhere was underground hip hop, where the beats were raw and the lyrics were pure. I loved it, it felt as if I was in "92 or 93" all over again. Unfortunately all that glitters is not gold and once again i found myself displeased with the way hip hop(underground hip hop music) sound. Now as much as i loved underground hip hop, it started to turn into the same thing that mainstream music had all ready become "ONE DIMENSIONAL". So just like mainstream rapper talked about money,cars, and girls underground emcee's talked about who's the nicest on the mic,how big their crew was, and that they were ready to battle anybody who wanted it. Shit.... but... thanks to one of hip hop's greatest producers (RIP) J DILLA he started to come from behind the mpc and in front of the mic. Slum Village Fantastic vol 2 was a great album, to me that was one of many albums that bridge the gap between underground and mainstream music. The album was full of raw sp1200 beats, but lyrically they where talking about that same thing mainstream rappers were talking about they just did it in a more creative and clever way. That group along with many others( dilated peoples, J-5, self scientific,kidz in the hall,little brother) help to show me that you can be lyrically inclined and aware of your financial status all while representing the true culture of hip hop. Thanks to the artist that make great music and who are smart enough to realize they should be compensated for it, there is nothing wrong with making money as long as you work for it.


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