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R&B's Residential Sweetheart @hashtagtalia_ Is The New Vibe



#HashtagTalia is the sweetheart that the industry’s been missing. A unique voice, mysteriously appealing personality, music that is easy on the ears, and a style that’s hard to miss – she’s the complete package. Born and raised in Miami, #HashtagTalia used South Beach’s fast life as daily motivation. At the age of 16, #HT started her own company doing hair and makeup for artists and celebrities. Just as she built a name for herself in the beauty industry, #HashtagTalia carries that same focused mentality throughout her musical journey.

#HashtagTalia is limitless, which makes her a true artist. Her work is altogether passionate, sensitive and natural. #HT’s distinctive sound range is captivating but familiar. Reminiscent to a 90’s R&B vibe, in songs like “#D.A.A.M.N” and “#T-Shirt,” there’s no wonder #HT grew up listening to influencers such as Toni Braxton, Beyoncé and Mary J. Blige. #HashtagTalia proves to be creatively and vocally well-rounded.

Her latest mixtape, “The Cover Up,” is one of the most honest projects to drop this summer. The tracks are altogether romantic and mysterious, each song has its own deep emotions and strong undertows individually.

“The Cover Up” features numerous songs that can easily transition into chart topping singles on various airways. #HT’s vivid tape is a series of emotions the heartbroken woman goes through. “It's a project that gives women a voice,” said #HT. “Everything that we think and attempt to say, but never do - I laid it all out on the tracks.”

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