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Love And Hip Hop Miami's @BobbyLytes Brings Style And Star Power To Cypher


Born & raised in southern Florida, Bobby Nico Wade adopted the last name Lytes at age 15. Ten years later Bobby is ready for the spotlight & he has the sound & moves to prove it.

Bobby Lytes is a singer, rapper, songwriter, actor & creative visual. An entertainer at heart, his experience in the music industry has prepared him for what is next. He has performed on over 200 stages & has gained a fan base soley on his own efforts.

Bobby is currently becoming the face of the LGBT community and breaking down barriers in hip hop as the first main stream openly gay artist of our time. With a new role as a cast member on the Love & Hip Hop Miami franchise, Lytes is taking his star power to a new level. His vibrant personality & youthful apperarance will only create avenues of opportunities & leave room for growth.

His sound is incomparable, yet sill falls in line with the sounds of the legends Bobby grew up on. Michael Jackson, Prince, Missy Elliott & Beyonce are among the icons that influenced Lytes' artistry. Although he is easy to work with, Bobby Lytes knows exactly what he wants & will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He will leave his mark not only on the music industry, but most importantly hopes to leave his mark on this world as one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

Recently on VH1's Love and Hip Hop Miami, Lytes mentioned Flea Market USA. His genuine love for Flea Market USA helped Bobby land an endorsement deal with the Flea Market. Allowing him to later create his own Beauty Bar there. His also makes appearances twice a month for special events such as their Amateur Boxing night, 2018's Easter Egg Hunt, and other family fun events. For more information about Flea Market USA please visit

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