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Herstory... the Creation Mission Continues

This is The Life... Artistically in control of my own soul ... in Progress
MOtivated by the treachery of an Underground dog eats dog world a drugs , sex and Cali sun...
I was just a Kid makin Natural Rhythms of sound and shinin like Lite Beams for all Black Young women to unweave and B lieve and Who is EVE! Spiritual stuff...
Music has always been my high...
Sippin a diet Coke and wildin out. Herbally stimulating I'm prop 215 congratulating an celebrating.

Herstory in the Making...When I created the Nzinga Movement.

I had young artist I was developing back in 1994. They where like 14y.o and 15 y.o, one of which is my Lil Cousin "Calhoon" in my top 12 on my myspace page. He is on tour while I am mastering my Independent Artist Program Studies, I am sooo Proud of him!!! Check out all my top 12 artist... Those are my Folks!!! some from school and some from jus Cali hood Starz!!

New music up Soon!!! I gotta get my shit right this time. U aint gonna fake Puffy me again. A lot of the things that occurred were illegal not only to our culture but to each other. Stealing copyrights and infringement that is a lot of the reason that money's were not generated in a better fashion.
Live and learn... I did sooo many FRee shows I can't believe how I was edited out of my Families Musical legacy. Temporarily that is...

Live the Goodlife Folks and stay True!!!!
One Music
Koke aka Koko
S. I.N Original Bad GUrl!!!!!

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