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Burrowing my way through tha track like a gopher on crack.
The only thing i could do is look way way back
When the only thing was wack ClearChannel Rap
So i had to take another road and avoid this damn sandtrap

Cuz if we spittin, there is no forgetten the flow
with the bass and the treble we just let all go
Keep heads noddin, and honey's asses droppin
Lyrics doper than an injection of mescaline and oxycontin

Intravienously is how we push our style's lit
Our fix is the music no not heroin bullshit
Cuz watch who you fuck wit or you may catch a bullet
So many decision's you make in your mind's confined pulpit

Utilizing your mind just like a damn toolkit
While the decider is overflowing with lies and Bull shit
But it's all the Truth, Even for a draft-dodging magget
It's not your family who dies a death so tragic

Our government's lies are just the fake ass fabric
Looking for nuclear weapons and all we found where magnets
All with opposite agenda's yet all of the bloody static
Never in history has a government stole an election automatic

If this is democracy, I say fuck being Democratic
Our country is shambles thanks to this illiterate fagot
As we burrow through the facts we learn they were overdramatic
I for one believe that our citizens have finally fucking had it

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