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Fettichini Talks Humble Beginnings, How He Got His Name And New EP "Living By The Code"

Music runs the world and Hip Hop is the sun. Today we introduce you to Fettichini.

Fetti first began rapping in 2009. It started after he was invited to a writing session with friends.

The crew perfected their skills by writing diss records to other neighborhoods. However, a young Fetti began to take it serious.

Fetti is a name first given to him by a close friend, Mikey, who sadly passed away in 2008. The name would stick and the "Chini" was later added to spice up his rap persona.

Fetti credits Mikey as being his biggest inspiration and is currently working on his latest EP "Living By The Code."
"Its gonna be like my first solo project droppin im excited.

I have many inspirations, my kids inspire me to get up and do what I gotta do everyday.," said Fetti.
Follow Fettichini online and check out some of his latest music below.

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