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English teacher's guilt after marking 30 essays...

"Expect the unexpected" is what they keep saying,
But it's the expected result that has me delaying,
Parleying speech and written excerpts,
Following theses statements of intent for the next verb,
Disturbed, I read against the train of thought,
Rambling on and on without a battle ever being fought,
Caught in the "gaping vertical" darkness consumes me,
As I fight for bright futures to become a reality,
Salaries/materialism/and greedy consumerism,
Don't matter in the grand scheme of spiritual schisms,
Prisms of potential, through building communication,
Relations create possibilities for larger life expectations,
Qualifications will be measured with stature,
Diction/voice/tone and how ideas are captured,
Parchworks of mental cloth combine the sublime,
Chimming syntax of mind's vision,
Not television that has little to state,
Celebrate in the coffers of the imaginative cerebral landscapes,
Books create to prove a point,
Joined numbers govern the universe but words annoint,
And point to the brain with connections to each muscle/bone/and joint,
To realize we need to be able to write.

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