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The only reason drug dealers are fulfilling their mission
Is because the governments giving them no competition
I will sign the petition
To sell it packs
Tax it to the max
Pay for kids intuition
Now how's that for a war on drug mission?

“If you buy a dime sack it will lead you to crack”
Send you to ADAC or in the clinker
Where other men have no problem with touching your tinker

It gives me much affliction
How they call it an addiction
Yet this is just fiction
And a true contradiction
Of things that are legal under jurisdiction
Like cigarettes

So why are you labeled a criminal
When the side effects are minimal
Maybe it helps
Aint that right Phelps?
Why do the authorities care
If you munch on a pear
Take a nap on a chair

The market works on supply and demand
I demand the government to start supplying
Because there is no denying
That people are dying
Mothers are crying
It's not because of the drugs
It's because of the thugs
It's not because of the chemicals
It's because of the decimals

So allow the people to start consuming
This economy will surely be booming
I chant this rant
To stand up for the plant
Who wants to live but it can't

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