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obscure lay panes embed, disseminate unwelcome secrets. a headdress of misery, torrent a peaceful dream. mildew coated mucous sit tasteless floors. overstored a day filled movements, off white paste seals waterless lips. follow leverage behind entries escaping the will. egress thought, soot painted a heart arctic raw. masticate anemic touches, grey hands frame lifeless nativity, sight walks behind a scene nude and fare still to feel a body fluctuating between beatings louden thin walls. slight voices negotiate a want in shifting corners transferring anesthesia. spinal column shaped a new curvature. blemishes materialize searching patterns to grow formations only i caress. humans window crack disapproval, pulled through a hole attenuating a study. fuck remarks uttered with a finger along awnings dust written. cement one eye forever choosing a perspective that will narrow perception down, thinning the hair lodged in a clench.

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