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Howdy call me MisfitMarx, Have you heard of My Rap Battle Blog Entry. It's a blog with all the latest Rap Battles across platforms from Grind time to Ahat T.V. and many more. I started this blog a month ago and just started getting over 200 visitors a day.I love blogging an I put my heart and soul into this Rap Battle Blog.I grew up in New Haven Connecticut as the oldest of 2. I grew up listening to rap and watching Rap Battles on Smack DVD. I use to try to learn from rappers like Big L and Cassidy and re-emulate it into what I did when I us to rap.Now my favorite rapper to listen to is Tupac.When I listen to rap music I like to listen to music that I can feel that relaxes me. If I wanna hear some lyrical rap with a whole bunch of rap punchlines and syllables that's when I go watch a rap battle.I watch rap battles more than once everyday and I know a lot about good rapping so it's nothing for me to commentate on a rap battle. That's basically what My Rap Battle Blog Entry is about. If your tired of hearing me talk about my blog please come check it out and even if you don't really like rap battles it would help me out if you came to my blog and left a comment on one of my blog postings please I'll see you there.

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