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[Album Stream] Young Deuces "My Unapologetic Black Thoughts"

When today's music is filled with trap music, club music and mumble rap, it is always refreshing to get music on the other side of the scale with a different subject matter. Case in point J. Cole's KOD album came and gave us what we needed when discussing the state of music and more.

Today another artist embarks on that journey to push the bar with lyricism, message and themes. Young Deuces of SNYD (Streetz-n-Young Deuces). Normally running with his partner Burgie Streetz, YD steps out of his comfort zone to give us My Unapologetic Black Thoughts, a conceptual album filled with dope production, dope lyrics, a much needed theme and some spoken word content to consume.

The 13 track album covers everything for racial divide, wrongful killings of unarmed black men by the police, Black Love, being better, unity and more.  Produced by K. Mel Beatz & AJA Productions and only featuring Burgie Streetz and songstrees Beverly Anne, Young Deuces holds his own throughout the whole project.

Everything down to the cover, done by @iuneveno_art

Available everywhere on all platforms, this album is a must listen.

Check it out below

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