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You may or may not know that long-time LA turntablist DJ Hideo was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon & Liver Cancer just this month. Hideo is a fighter and will beat the cancer. His friends are doing a number of benefits around town to help with the costs of his battle. I attended one in Culver City tonight - great music, great people. Check out his website for details on upcoming benefit events and let's keep this brother in our highest thoughts. 1Luv...

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Hey, thats a damn shame I feel it appropriate to let you know that there is a treatment that has been proven to kill Aids, Cancer and god knows how many other horrible diseases. It comes in the form of a machine that uses something called Tetrasilver Tetroxide in the form of crystals and the machine fires electrons into the blood "electrocuting" the cancer. I've heard of people taking it upon themselves to start building these devices in their own garages because the medical world offers little or no hope in regards to conquering these "man-made" cancers. Tap-Water is one of the strongest causes of colon cancer, by 99% in fact according to certain studies. To be perfectly honest there is even a patented method of killing the aids virus. It can be found on the U.S. Department of Trademark and Commerce website. The patent # is 5676977. Just googling that number alone will open up some seriously disturbing doors for you. If possible you should relay the info found to this mans family and see if they can't get to the bottom of how to beat this. There are ways but the reason we don't have these treatments readily available is because it would send a major blow to the purse of pharmaceutical companies who are also listed as the largest contributors to political campaigns. I think you can see where that's going...Hence the reason why we will never have universal health-care. It poses too much of a problem for corporations. This a link to a site with information regarding using nutrition to prevent and heal.
Hopefully we can call have the answers to self-preservation and treatment and no longer rely on a systematic crutch with splits in the wood.


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