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ROLL CALL 9 Replies

Started by directher. Last reply by Deuma Oct 28, 2009.

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Comment by Phala Nazarine on February 14, 2009 at 5:48am
alright crew...this chic is funny as hell...getting caught in emotion, tryna battle a rebel...stick 2 them rivers and lakes that ur use to cuz u aint on my level...stop checkn ma medals...heavy weight champion of the uniVERSE...and even worse...u a lite weight tryna act like I can't curse...Im a grown wombman...and I am the FIRST....fruit...u aint even official...and LOOK ocean's the root....I get ready early...aim and then shoot... play off ur words and u act like its trivial pursuit...I'm old skool and thats the TRUTH...Los scandalous so I stay hater proof...laughin at U gettin ur g string in a u can't win...girl take this mediSIN...and make somethin REAL happin...I be craftin styles...while U be rappin...I'm up early while U nappin...what U eat don't make me crap man...I mean has been I mean my pale more watchin words as to NOT offend...BIATCH this is defence...and U need to recognize ROYALY with reverence...or prepare for the repremand...I said it B4 u lost a friend B4 u made a friend...and thats NOT smart kin....cuz now ur losing cruisin for a bruisin...on some lyrical ish that is...don't YOU get the reality twisted...comin at just NOT wise...and gettin dramatic will only lead to ur demise...and that won't be a surprise cuz I've warned U...of what NOT to do...and for ur info lady blue aint sweatin u...I got work to do..goals to pursue...realy its all about humoring me...while appeasing U too...cuz u beggin for me to fall thru and shit on U cuz ur flow is and chic Ur coo flew over and u just fell thru on a hum I pulled the rug from up under...and now u wanna get over...go head...souljah...u hit me with ur best shot 4 times and still I'm standin...ur plane is now landin...ur sinkin in quick sand and I'm still what???? laughin...lololololololol...WORD!!!!
Comment by Chalique on February 13, 2009 at 5:25pm
while you drinkin a tea, bein drunk from a rum
i know yo stop now to simper for the Pinky you done,
ms Brain, tryn 2 ignore shame
emphasis on a dis,
ruff enuff?

lady, ya gotta chose,
funny battle,
then let there be no fags, no bitch and no baby crushin,
o you wanna feel the real,
but i dont know,
Good Life Love
is more about Goodnezz,
and not killin eachother,
alright you chose
Comment by Chalique on February 13, 2009 at 10:44am
I aint no bitch
I aint nobodys bitch, biatch!

I tell you what i do
I relax, lay back in ma seat and watch u
makin a fool outta you
Go ahead,
im a baby wid a rattle, now whatchu gone do?
crush – ma – ba - by - head?
Ooh, what deep thoughts and diction ya shed
And I guess dat ya thinks dat
A little bitta shit and style and yo
Is good enuff 4 hard knock street lesson o mo’?
hell no!
betta head fo the door
ya mouthfart a stinky one,
all kids are on de floor,
phony chillzz ills widde ‘good massa’ tone
so all datchu feel is de malice of your own
and I tell ya sumn mo,
sista you can blow all dat smoke,
butchu still keeps talkin babylon and play a role
babble mcs like yous get
a big baseballbat in the ass, ever had?
Oh, I forgot dere 3 aids dicks of fags
whenem kids back awake, youll explain dat?
Comment by Phala Nazarine on February 11, 2009 at 7:45pm
...I'll handle u like a BABY WITH A RATTLE...snakes tail after I crush it's head miss...I rock bells...and u can only be lucky to collect some of this ocean's sea shells...on ur way to a deep dark hell...every word I scribe is intelligible...U have only got to be an intelligent individual...and be ready for the first I play the role...of getting this WACK mc...back in her seat as I take control...of this classroom...YOUTH...skool is NOW in session...Is everyone ready for ms chillzzz...fist hard KNOCK street lesson...I will rip yo shit take yo style and flush it...cuz its currupted...full of malice...I'm the queen of the UNIVERSE...bitch sit down at my feet...and hand me my chalice...the small bowl and the big one...I take my tea wit a likle bit of rum...thats how we do it where I from......chic ur a crumb...and your rhymes make me numb where'd u get them from...a sucka click store...well take em black and ask for some with a little more emphasis...on a dis...if thats where U were rhymns combine to make U the beheaded.....fuc with sea...U will regret have known LOVE and left it...gotta go blessed...have fun with it run with it
Comment by Chalique on February 10, 2009 at 2:19pm
you dont even touch me girl - how can you hit?
wanna be original - bullshit
3 faggotz wid aids, wow, dats how you rip?
shit. you disgust each little bit outta wit
seen it?
blabla - ehm - phala
in germany we would say a-a
what you god 2 give is - nada
whos gonna teach a lyrical g?

i toldchu, dontchu come at me cheap
you say that you those and I am (what?) these,
what unimpressive game dat yous playin
so enervatin,
almost didnt come back 4 slayin
you and all bullshit yous claimin
aint you a little ashamed?
wannabee queen smattery nazerine
emulatin the easiest way dat been paved
i sledgehammer you into smithereens on ma way

And ya cant even answer still,
dats what i feel,
no word dat you say is real, or can heal,
therez nuttin from your heart, nuttin from your soul
kidsgarden tricks and a simile with 'mos,
and other rhymerz quotes,
ha! you serious? (fo sho?)
ya consider yourself is dangerous??
3 aids dicks in your ass "mysterious"!

is you at all sane?
never come cheap at me again!
make your soul ring from evry mountain and rim
get yourself together and you holla eloquent
this is easy streets end, dat ya gotta comprehend!
im a soul upriser, a dolphin rider, an oceandiver,
only lookin 4 the pearls
im an equalizer, energizer, your sister rhymer,
damn, your cheapness hurts
Comment by iPresume/Germ Theory on February 7, 2009 at 5:00pm
leavin' ears ringin' in a bell- heat seaker
breakin' sound baricades like the one Chuck Yeager.
Zoom, the unexpected B-58 hustler,
Ton, the fake medic in a Huey dust-off.
Comment by NGAFSH/CVE on February 6, 2009 at 9:07pm
hahaha! ooh wee! I likeded it! friendly battles are great!
Comment by directher on February 6, 2009 at 11:10am
@ Phala & Julius: Feelin' it!
Comment by Phala Nazarine on February 6, 2009 at 6:46am
silly of U or are U just actin a fool...I dangerous than 3 gay men carryin aides friend...and U aint cool...tryna take the original teacher to school...might get ya card pulled...thats Ms Nazarine the queen of this lyrical scene...I'm the lead player...I rhyme...and you a rap sayer...I'm a rhyme smith U a word sprayer...look at her...words all over the place...face it...if this were a'd a been got hit as I spit wit...bears my poetic fitness....and you a misfit kid... go back to class and take notes...I don't give styles away free...but here's a FREE quote..."murder she wrote"...."I sank yo boat" you can't stay a that sand...with nobody to lend U a hand...I got rhymes on demand...the mic I command...the fans...say hot damn...that chic got slammed by the real...Ms...O U know the ta go now...cuz its time to build...trick chill...lolololol.....
Comment by NGAFSH/CVE on February 5, 2009 at 7:10pm

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