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Whats the history on that cat!
Any Album?
Wheres he at?

Last track i know of was on MaryJoy(japan) - "Anti-Christ"

Just need a knowledge bomb drop, please. Blessings.!

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How about Dollar Bill on Omid's Monolith? He fucking tears it up on that track. It has a Day at the Races by J5 feel to it. The OG Dollar Bill is dope too with its Led Zeppelin sample. I'll never listen to Dancin' Days the same agian...
RaTm1211 said:
How about Dollar Bill on Omid's Monolith? He fucking tears it up on that track. It has a Day at the Races by J5 feel to it. The OG Dollar Bill is dope too with its Led Zeppelin sample. I'll never listen to Dancin' Days the same agian...
Yup the Dollar bill trak is murder!
What about "I Bash"
Maybe Ab or Omid knows. Gonna PM them and ask. Sick emcee.
Rudejade said:
What about "I Bash"

Crap, shhhhhh. Dang hook it up with "I Bash"
i will check with my oracles of West Coast Underground Music to see if they got it?
Got the I Bash track. Interesting.
It caught me off guard, thats for sure...
Well, I never really got to know the brother that well, but I have vibed with him on occasion. What I do know of him is all 2nd hand info from Acey & Myka,
but I do know there were his appearances on:

- Heavyweights Rd 1 - Innercity Griots
- Jurassic - Project Blowed Compilation
- I Bash - one of the greatest misses on the Blowed comp later released by Omid I think
- also a few obscure Omid releases here and there ie; the Anti-Christ thing
- I'm Just a Bill - classic old Spoon song re-did by Omid as well

Now about Teaspoon of Iodine his full artist name and Eric something his real name: to my knowledge he was from the Bay Area i think Oakland, CA. He moved to LA sometime in like the 80s and became a junior high school classmate of Microphone Mike & Aceyalone, Acey was known as some other MC name back then, something E because his name was Eddy. Anyways, according to Acey and Mike; Spoon or Eric had a unique skill set - he could rap & beatbox at the same time kinda by inserting words around the beats his mouth was creating (superb breath control), and simultaneously beating on his chest and/or on a lunch table, and wouldn't lose his rhythm at all. That's hard to do - try it if u don't believe me.

So anyways, Mike & Ed were already rhyming finding their voices, however intrigued by Spoon's hip hop savvy: he was the 1st they had seen record himself beatboxing on one radio tape deck, then using that tape as his soundtrack to then record himself rapping over the beat - ghetto studio-ing it in other words - now that I had even tried and figured out in '84 as a young kid myself. They soon formed a group: The MC Aces, one of their oldest routines being a fun little ditty called Mike, Eric & Eddie - get it now? That idea for us to do Mike, Aaron & Eddie was like a 20 year old MC Aces jack when we re-did it in 2004. Crazy right? Of course I was honored to kind of stand in for Spoon, and nervous that he'd hear it and be like, "Aww fuck that shit" ala Etta James vs. Beyonce, lol. I'm still waiting for a response I guess. And when they disbanded post high school, Eddie's nostalgia wouldn't let him kill the memory of the group so he became Aceyalone - the sole Ace from the Aces.

But honestly man, they had so many dope routines, that was just 1. I even think Mike & Acey implemented some techniques the 3 of them had as the Aces into the FF vibe, which is what made that so dynamic. So to be real...Spoon is like a MAJOR unsung style contributor of our whole shit. And when u listen to all his old or even new demos, u hear that choppy, patterned cadence that was coined as an FF flow - he helped birth that shit and never stopped rhyming like that or even caring about the mainstream or even underground success that came from it. I think he is forever dope and has 1 of the illest voices to ever spit.

Today, I believe he resides in Modesto, CA, married maybe, but again, Acey knows more than me about what he's up to now.
Daaamn Ab, thanks for all that info. So his name was Eric, huh, never knew that. Mike, Eric, and Eddie....damn thats classic! We forgive you for taking Spoon's verse on that song, your verse is dope on that track! I think on the Who Re-framed the A-team DvD, theres a performance of you and Acey doing Jurassick and you do his verse which I thought was pretty cool. I remember watching that for the first time and wondering "hey, maybe Spoon will pop out from the back" haha but when it came time for "What the Fuck...", he was nowhere to be found but you laid it down!
What about the clasico "Cornbread"?

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