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If you could create a group, who would be in it? No matter how unrealistic - even if they're dead.

3 ideas:

Myka 9 + Esperanza Spalding + Jill Scott

Abstract rude + P. Monch

Nga Fsh + Lab Waste

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DK Toons+ST.Mark9:23+SkarFace(Hip Hop Klan)+Minister2bad+Jyant+Abstract Rude+Mikah9+Fatjack+EQBS...
Doooope Forum, Fam!


Let me go with the female super group...

Medusa + Bahamadia + Amel Larrieaux + Nina Simone

Stop playin!
Naptron+Chali2na+Daddy Kev...
PEACE+Myka Nyne+Self Jupiter+Aceyalone and a splash of Abstract Rude.
Here's a couple combos I'd like to get on tracks...

9th Prince (Killarmy), Rodan (Monsta Island Czars), and Myka 9
Athena and Figures of Speech (how's THAT for a female supergroup?)
Kev Roc, Brother J, Strange Powers, and Chali 2na
Pterradacto, Ellay Khule, and Omega Cix
orko/spoon iodine/pazoozoo/staplemouth/dktoon!!!! thats dream i wouldn't want to wake from. females i would go with jyant/topic/neila. i don't know though jyant is my fav. thats a group in its self right there. but figures of speech is probably all that you would need in a female group unless you want to add Medusa!!!!! another style master....
oh... I forgot about Topic...
how about vixin wit that fancy female feline-up frenzy!!!
How about Meen Green+Supherb+Napalm+The Capital AK+Volume 1o+Ganjah K
Damn,The First Brigade!
Fygures of Speech + Janelle Monae + Estelle

Rifleman + Twista + Treach + Riddlore ("Faster")

Volume 10 + Busta Rhymes + ODB (RIP) (call it "Wild Men" or something)

Myka 9 + Guru + Premier

Common + Aceyalone + Andre 3000 + Pharoahe Monch ("North/South/East/West")

Trey Lowk + Shock G & Digital Underground
Eek A Mouse, Abstract Rude, Half Pint, Phoenix Orion, Cut Chemist, Fat Jack, and King Tubby for the dub.


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